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Weekly Beer Tasting Friday September 23rd 2016 4-7pm

Weekly Beer Tasting
 Dan from Thimble Island Brewing Co.

Dark Pumpkin Porter 6pbtl $9.69
The sweetness of the pumpkin blends perfectly with the roasted malt of the porter.

Lager 12pcan $13.99
A crisp and light bodied lager. Their take on a traditional American classic.

Ghost island DIPA 6pbtl $11.69
Ghost Island is bold and complex with an intense crispness and smooth finish. They dry hop it with Citra for a bright citrus aroma.

American Ale 6pbtl $9.29

American Ale, with a beautiful amber color, is a classic beer designed to be light enough for summer, but hearty enough for winter.
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