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BEER CLASS: He says Beer and She says Wine . . .Wine Versus Beer?
Tue, April 9th 2013 7pm-9pm

Harry's, 2094 Post Rd, Fairfield, 259-4692

Brooklyn Brewery will join us tonight with four different beers, and Worldwide Wines will bring along 4 different wines.  These beers and wines will be paired with a selection of cheeses from our friends at the Fairfield Cheese Shop.   Most people know about and enjoy the pairing of food with wine, but we do not think that enough people know how tasty it is to pair beer with food also  rather than to drink beer just by itself.  For those of you who enjoy drinking both beer and wine this will be an opportunity to learn that both of these beverages deserve a place on your dinner table!  Our guest speakers at this event will be John William, Connecticut Salesman for Brooklyn Brewery and Jennifer Reilly, Sales manager for Worldwide Wines. Get ready as the debate begins and you will be the judge of what worked better! $35 per person

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