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Unibroue Maudite

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Unibroue Maudite 12 oz  4-pack    
Sku: 16839

Tasting notes
ColorAmber red ClarityCloudy HeadBeige, rocky foam BubblesFine EffervescenceSlow NoseMalt, orange, wild spices with fragrances of coriander and cloves and floral hop notes FlavorCharacterized by a robust maltiness and spiciness that is counterbalanced by an assertive crisp hop finish. BodyMedium AftertastePleasantly lingers on

Technical notes
ABV8.0% FermentationTop SRM18 IBU22

Other text
Aging Potential: 5 to 8 years. Like good wine, Unibroue’s fine beers have flavors that develop with age. Over time they become smoother, sometimes revealing notes of honey and candied fruit and developing a more assertive and lasting flavor. This phenomenon is known as “maderization” and is similar to the aging process of dessert wines like port. Preservatives Oxygen is the mortal enemy of beer because oxidation creates a stale, flat flavor. The yeast added to the bottle of Unibroue products triggers natural fermentation, consuming excess oxygen and preventing the beer’s CO2 from oxidizing. This enhances the beer’s aging potential. The high alcohol content of certain Unibroue products also lends itself well to aging by acting as a natural preservative. Cellaring Store bottles upright in a cool dark place at a stable temperature between 46ºF and 61ºF.

Food pairing
Rich and lightly sweet, La Maudite is a great ale well worth savoring. Fire and brimstone red, this sumptuous brew is surprisingly well-balanced and smoothly caramelized. Its sweet, spicy flavor goes perfectly with strong-tasting soft washed-rind cheeses like Le Fetard or Gruyere. It is one the rare beers that can be served with tomatoes and spicy dishes. Try it with grilled meats or a dessert of creme brulee or tiramisu.

Country: Canada
Region: Quebec
Type: Beer - Imported
Style: Belgian Dark Strong Ale
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Reg. $11.99
Case Price $71.99
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