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Brooklyn Brewery Brewmaster Cuvee Noire

Brooklyn Brewery Brewmaster Cuvee Noire 750ml    
Sku: 30169

Once upon a time, we created a beer called “Cuvee Noire, and this beer lived beyond the strictures of beer styles. It had a stout-like malt structure, Belgian fermentation, and an irresistible personality. We loved Cuvee Noire, but here in Brooklyn our admirations have never been limited to beer. So our brewing team quietly introduced this beer to one of our other enthusiasms Kentucky bourbon oak. After many months of aging, those six bourbon barrels produced a “Ghost Bottle nicknamed Cuvee Elijah, some of the tastiest beer weve ever made. And then, of course, we drank it all. Ummm…yeah. Sorry about that. But you will forgive us, because now weve made some of this beer for you as well. Brooklyn Cuvee Noire starts with a solid base of German malts, builds color and flavor from British and American roasted malts, gains rum notes from Mauritius raw sugar, grabs a hint of citrus from sweet orange peel, and then ferments under the flag of Belgium. Our Belgian house yeast lends the beer a gentle spiciness on a dry, brisk palate displaying notes of chocolate, coffee and citrus. Then follows six months in oak barrels, which marries all the flavors while adding overtones of vanilla, coconut, and flowers. Finally the beer is bottled completely flat and undergoes a full refermentation in the bottle. If this all sounds like way too much, let us assure you that it is, in fact, just right. Cuvee Noire is big enough to take a steak to dinner, roasty enough to love Mexican mole sauce, and complex enough to enjoy with nothing more than a good conversation. Youve never had anything quite like it. And as for the style thing, well, we sometimes believe in beer styles, but well all just have to relax about this one. After all, Brooklyn Cuvee Noire is delicious, and its from Brooklyn, not Belgium. We dont have a king, and no ones gonna fence us in.

Technical notes
Malts: Weyermann Pilsner, Simpsons Chocolate, CrispBlack, Breiss Black Barley Additions: Sweet Orange Peel Hops: German Perle, Slovenian Aurora Yeast: Our special Belgian strain Alcohol by Volume: 10.6% Original Gravity: 17.3 Plato

Country: United States
Region: New York
Sub-Region: New York City
Type: Beer - Domestic
Style: Belgian Dark Strong Ale
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