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Westland Whiskey Single Malt

Westland Whiskey Single Malt 750ml        
Sku: 30721

Our flagship Westland American Single Malt Whiskey represents the truest expression of our house style. At the core of this whiskey’s flavor profile is a grain bill comprised of five different roasted and kilned barley malts giving our whiskey a character unique to Westland Distillery. The base is a pale malt, grown in the State of Washington. To that we add specialty malts, a concept inspired by the vibrant craft brewing culture of the Pacific Northwest. Deep and rich in flavors, these specialty malts contribute to the whiskey notes of chocolate, nuts, cookies, pastries, mocha, caramel and raisins. Our Belgian brewer’s yeast further enhances flavor development, creating fruity esters during fermentation. And finally, maturing predominantly in the finest new American oak casks complements our other choices with vanilla, caramel and coconut notes, leaving us with an approachable and mature whiskey.

Tasting notes
The initial nose is awash in cherry cake and grahamcracker. But shortly after, a rich creaminess emerges with creme brulee and chocolate custard while a hint of jasmine hides just beneath the surface. The first sip confirms the creamy and rich, mouth-coating cherry cake notes on the nose. After five minutes the nose begins to reveal melting Toblerone chocolates, almonds and a touch of smoky pine. Waffle cone joins the group along with rainier cherries after a water addition. Extended tastings bring out white chocolate, Turkish coffee (with cardamom), bananas flambe and decadent cream.

 Ultimate Spirits Challenge 96 points (Jun 2016)
The fruity aromas are bright and high toned, calling to mind lemon zest and yellow nectarines. Delicate floral flavors enhance the soft mouthfeel which becomes rich with nutmeg and raw cocoa on the suede like finish.
 Ultimate Beverage Challenge 96 points (Apr 2016)
Fruit-forward with melon and citrus but possesses deeper smoked meat and spice notes. Malty and round on the palate with almond milk, honey, and baked pear and peach. Very elegant finish.

Technical notes
ABV: 46% GRAIN BILL: Washington Select Pale Malt Munich Malt Extra Special Malt Pale Chocolate Malt Brown Malt CASK TYPE(S): 50% #4 Char New American Oak 50% #3 Char New American Oak YEAST STRAIN: Belgian Brewer’s Yeast FERMENTATION TIME: 144 Hours

Country: United States
Region: Washington
Type: Straight Whiskey
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Reg. $81.99
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