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We are excited to announce our annual “Harry’s Rare Bottles” fundraiser for Operation Hope of Fairfield, supporting its efforts to end hunger and homelessness in the local community. We offer rare and hard to find bottles throughout the month of October with donations going directly to those in need.

Harry’s has a long time tradition of supporting the community of Fairfield and we couldn’t be more thrilled than to partner with Operation Hope on this fundraiser for the 10th year.



The reverse auction items are the first bottles available for purchase and will remain on the block only as long as the most generous people allow them to remain. Each lot starts at its highest price and reduces by $100 per day until it is purchased.

Need that bottle? Got deep pockets but no time for the Saturday releases? This is for you! The only question is when to pull the trigger. Wait too long and someone could beat you to the punch.




We release a handful (15-30) of rare whiskey bottles in-person every Saturday when doors open at 8:00 am. These bottles are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis and we almost immediately sell out. Come early! (In the past, customers have been known to camp out overnight!) The prices are non negotiable. There will be no bidding. 

Please note, these bottles are only able to be purchased in-person. There will be no “space holding”. Patience will be rewarded. If you leave the line, you go to the end!



Operation Hope has created a Wishlist on Amazon containing items they regularly use, including household and pantry items, to help members of our community To take part in this raffle, simply purchase an item or items from the Wishlist and ship them to Operation Hope. There is a minimum donation of $25, with no max donation limit, and every $25 that you spend earns you one raffle ticket.

At the end of the month, the raffle tickets will be placed in a randomizer, and all donated bottles will be listed 1-?. The names chosen will each receive a complimentary bottle of whiskey that was donated by our followers this year!