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Harry’s Wine & Liquor Market was founded in 1941 by Harry and Betty Pollack on the corner of Pine Creek and Post Road in Fairfield.


The store, originally called Harry’s Liquor Shop, only had three parking spaces out front and a pot bellied stove for heat. For the next 26 years, Harry and Betty would remain the only employees of the store, working alternating morning and evening shifts six days a week until Harry unexpectedly died of a heart attack in 1967. After Harry’s untimely passing, Betty continued to run the business with the help of the couple’s son, Saul.  Saul was a three time state champion wrestling coach, and Staples High School Football coach, who transitioned from his coaching and teaching career to full time ownership in the late 1970s. 


Without any formal business training, Saul took over Harry’s from his mom and oversaw an era of significant growth. The store size was doubled from its original single bay and then doubled again in the mid eighties when the familiar circular front counter was added and the store’s name was changed to Harry’s Wine & Liquor Market. Saul realized his father’s vision— that wine was the future of the business, by expanding the wine selection, hiring personnel with extensive wine knowledge and finding value in wine by smaller producers. With a reputation as a destination wine store firmly established, in the early to mid 2000’s Saul made two strategic hires: Patrick Monteleone (store manager) and William Miller (head of fine wines),  which led to the next chapter of Harry’s.  Around the same time, Saul also hired then 23 year old Renzo Kian, initially to stock shelves. Eventually Renzo became the beer and spirits manager. 

In 2011, Saul sold the business to William, Patrick and his son Scott Pollack.  In 2023, Renzo Kian also became one of the four owners.  While the store has evolved and grown, the four of us like to think that we have upheld our founder’s legacy: the neighborhood liquor store on the corner. Like the prior generations of ownership; we believe that the key ingredient for longevity is the dedication and expertise of the staff.  At Harry’s, we are fortunate to have some of the best people in the wine and liquor business, a number of whom have been with us for many years and all of whom we like to think of as family.


“Can I see the duck?”


It’s the universally asked, oft repeated question echoing through the aisles as young children accompany their parents on a shopping trip to Harry’s.  A plastic replica that was originally part of a liquor display, ‘the Duck’ found a permanent home in the 1980’s twirling in the wine chiller behind the front counter.  Many of those young admirers of our fowl friend from back in his early years have now turned into Harry’s customers themselves and bring their own children to see the duck, who, 30+ years on, is looking no worse for the wear.


So, come say hello to the duck, introduce yourself to one of our staff members and allow us show you what makes Harry’s such a special place.