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Unibroue - La Fin du Monde (4 pack 12oz bottles)

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Producer Unibroue
Country Canada
Style Blonde Ale
Sku 03586
Size 4 pack 12oz bottles

Unibroue Description

Color: Blond with a golden hue. Taste: Smooth, slightly tart with the balanced flavors of wild spices, malt and hops. Aroma: Wild spices. Serving Suggestions: Gourmet dishes, fine cheeses and desserts. In February 1994, after 18 months of research, Unibroue launched La Fin du Monde (the end of the world). It is a 9 percent alcohol, triple fermentation beer. This type of beer was originally developed by the monks of the Middle Ages to be served on special occasions. La Fin du Monde is a deluxe beer made by triple fermentation and a unique way of straining the yeast. This method produces an unexpectedly subtle flavour. With its champagne-like effervescence, it has a vigourous presence in the mouth, which accentuates its strong personality. Slightly tart, with the balanced flavours of wild spices, malt and hops, it belongs to the class of great Trappist beers and, in this regard, is a North American first. At meals, it can replace white or red wines and enhances the flavour of most dishes.

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