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“Can I see the duck?” It’s the universally asked, oft repeated question echoing through the aisles as young children accompany their parents on a shopping trip to Harry’s.  A plastic replica that was originally part of a liquor display, ‘the Duck’ found a permanent home in the 1980’s twirling in the wine chiller behind the front counter.  Many of those young admirers of our fowl friend from back in his early years have now turned into Harry’s customers themselves and bring their own children to see the duck, who, 30+ years on, is looking no worse for the wear.

Harry’s Liquor Shop first opened its doors in October 1941 in a small, since-demolished building heated by a pot belly stove. This original free-standing store was moved back off the Post Road to a single bay within its current building in the late 1960’s.  Several expansions and name changes later, Harry’s Wine and Liquor is now in its third generation of ownership.  

Yet despite the store facelifts and remodeling’s, the technological modernization, the expanded inventory offerings and the hundreds of employees that have come and gone; in the most important ways, very little has changed at Harry’s.  We still think of ourselves as the local liquor store on the corner.  We pride ourselves on being an active member of the community.  But, most importantly, we remain singularly focused on providing an unparalleled level of service to each of our customers.  In our view, the Duck serves as a metaphor for those qualities that our regular customers seem to appreciate most about Harry’s…longevity, familiarity and consistency.

So, come say hello to the duck, introduce yourself to one of our staff members and allow us show you what makes Harry’s such a special place.